Articles by Thomas P. Gale

Defining Analytics

Analytics has evolved rapidly in wholesale distribution channels, fueled in part by the explosion of technology innovation over the past several years, but also as a part of the industry’s natural lifecycle. Companies that keep building their analytic capability are staying ahead of the wave. 

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Mine the Gap

We recently worked with a distributor to identify the market potential for its portfolio of hydraulic and pneumatic products. A second objective was to identify untapped potential in its current customer base. Like many companies, it was working with anecdotal information from the sales force, and wanted to establish an external benchmark for a realistic addressable market size. 

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Building an Adaptive Sales Model

Sales models in distribution are under stress like never before. Traditional and non-traditional competitors are reaching into what used to be “your” customers’ pockets as they become more receptive to change and new supply resources. 

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IMI Can Help You Grow

For more than 25 years, Industrial Market Information has helped industrial products manufacturers and distributors make data-based decisions for better market planning. Click below to learn how IMI can help your business grow.

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Market Insights

Data Snapshot: Power Tools in the U.S.

This month's Data Snapshot looks at the estimated size of the power tools market, which includes air and electric power tools.